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We’ll save you the trip. Durham Apothecary delivers.

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We are your friendly neighborhood pharmacy that is ready to serve you with a smile. Our goal is to provide you with ease, convenience, and a friendly ambiance every time you get into our store to purchase your medications, supplies, supplements, or to consult our pharmacists. As a community pharmacy, it is our goal to create an impression of being a dependable partner that you can count on, in sickness and in health.

Come by our pharmacy today so we can start serving you with our brand of service that is unique to Durham Apothecary. We are located in 320 College Street, North Durham, ON. You may view our map and get directions below.

Pharmacy Accreditation Number: 302498

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We hope to welcome you warmly with personalized services. Should you need any help on your first visit, you may approach our pharmacists and staff for assistance. You can also register online and get access to exclusive perks.

We have professional and certified pharmacists who are scheduled to be on duty for as long as our store is open. For medication concerns and questions, you are welcome to approach them for a consultation absolutely for free.