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Sheepskin is a wonderful, natural material that is beneficial for use on Motorcycles, Horses, Medical Patients, Snowmobiles, Golf Clubs, Skates, Bicycles, Automobiles, Trucks, Canoes, Arena Seatpads, etc. The Wool Table Sheepskins has

been manufacturing these products in Canada for several years and is known for making quality items that are very practical. Lambskin is a younger version of Sheepskin being generally softer and just as versatile for year round use. Have you experienced its benefits?

Lambskin products are practical all season items for personal use or gift ideas.

To order, The Wool Table Sheepskins can be reached at the address 320 College Street North Durham, ON N0G 1R0/telephone numbers 519-369-5330.


Automobile Sheepskins

Lambskin has been used to provide comfort and relief to motorists for a long time in a variety of climates world wide. Whether it be seat covers to comfort you from hot or cold temperatures, a seatbelt pad to soften the impact of the irritating seatbelt, and steering wheel cover to neutralize the heat extremes or a wash mitt/buffing pad to create a quality polished finish to your vehicle, you will appreciate the value of this natural material.

#3321Seatcover, hi-back style, universal fit, sheepskin face with matching stretchy synthetic covering for seatback and base
#3325Seatcover, hi-back style, universal fit, sheepskin face with matching stretchy synthetic covering for seatback and base
#3331Seatbelt pad, a 11.5″ long tube that wraps around the seatbelt and closes with velcro
#3351Steering wheel cover, provides natural protection from all extremes of temperature. Colours available
#3371Wash mitt, large size, comes with elasticized wrist band, air dry. Great for washing or buffing as wool is non-abrasive. Colours – black, brown & grey.
Automobile Seatcovers #3321, #3325
Automobile Seatcovers #3321, #3325
Automobile Seatcovers #3321, #3325

Bicycle Sheepskins

This part will introduce the most ardent touring bicycle rider to a product that is intended to provide comfort and relief while the many kilometres are being traversed by bicycle. Our street bicycle seatcovers come with a reflective tape across the rear of the seat for safety – either in neon yellow or neon orange. For your home exercise bicycle, a lambskin seatcover provides comfort while you pedal your time away.

Wool provides relief in warmer times from the added moisture that you may create while cycling. Wool has the ability to absorb, keeping you cooler and drier. During cooler times, wool is able to insulate you from the elements. Our Lambskin is selected premium quality that is washable. Getting wet in the rain will not harm the skin, just air dry and be ready for your next ride.

#351110 Speed style seatcover
#3515Touring style seat cover
#3847Exercise Bicycle seatcover, small, approx. 11″L x 10″W
#3855Exercise Bicycle seatcover. Schwinn Airdyne
#3866Exercise Bicycle saddle cover, medium, approx. 12″L x 12″W

Each saddle comes with an elasticized black nylon skirt to make putting it on or off easier.

Bicycle Seatcovers

Equestian Sheepskins

The equestrian and your horse should appreciate the relief and comfort from using sheepskin. The following products will assist in achieving this goal through ALL seasons.

Sheepskin pads provide pressure relief.

Sheepskin seatsavers allow the rider to sit more comfortably upon the saddle as the air is able to pass through the fibres and evaporate the moisture to the atmosphere. Halter pads reduce the risk of the horse’s face being rubbed to an uncomfortable state. Hunter/Jumper and dressage style saddle pads provide relief for the horse as the wool is once more absorbing moisture. Have you tried a half pad? Our sheepskin is machine washable. The wool length is a thick 25mm.

Wool colours include: 01 – white, 02 – champagne, 06 – brown, 07 – grey, 08 – black, 09 – pale gold, 15 – butterscotch

We offer an additional line of pads using a relatively dense, natural colour, wool pile material. The saddle pads, made from wool pile, are combined with a durable quilting for additional strength.

“My horses love The Wool Table Sheepskins’ products. They provide a great padding for sensitive backs and sensitive skins.” Dr. Penny Rowland, Equestrian, Canadian Eventing Team Member

“For the amount of use that I make of these products, I am impressed with their rough and tough quality. They wash up like new. My horse has not complained.” Heather Heideman, Avid Equestrian

Products made include:

#4220 – Halter Pads
#4240 – Seatsaver, English
#4230 – Girth Cover, H/J
#4235 – Breastplate Covers
#1483 – Western Square Pad
W/Wool, No Rolled Edges
#1484 – Western Square Pad
W/Wool, Rolled Edges
#4282/84/86 – Saddle Pad, Western
Sheepskin Only, Rolled Edges
#1457 – Partial Saddle Pad Wool
#1440 – Seatsaver, English Wool
#4257 – Partial Saddle Pad S/S, W/Quilting
#4267 – Partial Saddle Pad S/S Only
#4250 – Saddle Pad Square W/Sheepskin
#4262 – Wither Relief Pad S/S Only
#4240 – Seatsaver, English
#4344 – Seatsaver, Western
#1444 – Seatsaver, Western Wool
#2510 – Grooming Pad
#4233 – Girth Cover Dressage
#3371 – Grooming Mitt
#7130/7135 – Woolskin®, 500ml/5L

Medical Sheepskins

The major benefit of using sheepskin with convalescing persons is pressure relief. Wool provides a comfortable padding that enables air to pass through, absorbs moisture and is beneficial all year round. This material is washable.

Our quality Canadian products include:

In addition to providing products in genuine sheepskin, wool pile (“Down Under” fleece 1″ high knitted into a polyester backing) material is used to produce decubitis pads, heel and elbow pads, wheelchair pads,etc. This more economical

material provides an alternative to synthetic fibres. In Canada our products are available through a network of Home Health Care Stores.

#1851/1852 – Open Toe Boot
#1855/56 – Convalescent Boots
# 1838/39 – Slippers (Open Toe)
#1847/49 – Slippers Sheepskin
Heel Protectors
#1276 – Wool Pile (Left)
#1726 – Sheepskin (Right)
#1728 – Heel Protector, Extended
#1885/86 – Shoe Insoles
#1296 – Hot Water Bottle Cover
#1719-1 – Quad Cane Handgrip Pad
Sheepskin Crutch Pads
#1716 – Lower (Sold as pair)
#1717 – Set of 4 pcs (1716+1718)
#1718 – Upper (Sold as pair)
#1719 – Walker Handgrip Pads
#1782 – Palm Pad
#1012 – Lambskin, Medium
#1116 – Sheepskin, Large
Wool Pile Bed Pads
#1210 – 20″ x 24″
#1212 – 24″ x 30″
#1214 – 30″ x 40″
#1216 – 30″ x 60″
#1218 – 30″ x 72″
Wool for Packing
#1282 – 10g Bag
#1284 – 30g Bag
#1576 – Wedge Cushion, 14″ x 14″
#1577 – Wedge Cushion, 16″ x 16″
Elbow Protectors
#1271 – Wool Pile (Left)
#1721 – Sheepskin (Right)
Wheelchair Pads
#1514 – Armrest Pads, 14″
#1515 – Seat Pad, 16″ x 16″
#1516 – Seat Pad, 16″ x 18″
#1517 – Seat Pad, 18″ x 18″
#1518 – Seatback Pad, 17″ x 18″
Wheelchair Seat/Seatback Pad #1249
Woolskin®, 500ml/5L #7130/7135
Rollator Pads
#1555 – Seatback Strap Pad
#1561 – Seat Pad (Legacy)
#1261 – Support Roll
#3331 – Seatbelt Pad
#1767 – Coccyx Pads, 6″ x 6″
#1269 – Coccyx Cushion, 16″x18″x3″
#1769 – Ear Cushion

Hi-Temperature Medical Sheepskins

This medical grade sheepskin has had additional processing (compared to the regular grade medical sheepskin) to enable it to be washed and dried at higher temperatures. One of the required specifications for a hi-temp medical sheepskin to claim to be an Australian Medical Sheepskin, it MUST be washed once in the tannery before leaving. This washing returns the natural crimp back to the wool fibres, causing them to stand upright, to create improved cushioning. Washing the skin removes some of the lustre of the fleece. These skins can be washed up to 80°C. This temperature makes it viable for institutional settings to maintain this product for their clients, and to re-use it with another one.

Wool has the natural ability to absorb moisture up to 33% of its own weight. It cushions and provides comfort. Dense wool fibres assist in the distribution of weight and alleviate pressure points. Enjoy its benefits through all seasons. Air can circulate through the fibres, wicking the moisture to the atmosphere. Wool reduces shear (friction) problems.

NB: Your initial washings at high temperatures will see some dye loss. Rinse in cold water immediately afterwards to help set the colour.

To launder, use a mild detergent, hair shampoo, Woolskin® detergent, or soap (without enzymes or bleach). By machine, use the “wool wash” cycle to wash for 2-3 minutes in a warm or hot setting. Rinse, spin, and either hang to dry or tumble dry on a warm setting. Daily airing or a shake outdoors will assist in keeping your sheepskin fresh. When being used as a medical pad, it is suggested to launder the skin monthly. Smaller soiled spots can be sponged off and towel dried. At home, one is not able to take advantage of the sanitizing feature of these skins as home hot water temperatures are not high enough to sanitize. For institutional settings, there is a prescribed process to wash these skins so that they can be sanitized.

Side view, tannery washed medical sheepskin, restores crimp (natural wave) and loft in wool, fosters cushioning for added comfort & relief.
#8118 – Hi-Temp Medical Sheepskin
Wheelchair Pads
#8515 – 16″ x 16″
#8516 – 16″ x 18″
#8517 – 18″ x 18″
Woolskin®, 500ml/5L
#8721 – Elbow Protectors
(sold as pair)
Crutch Pads #8716 – Lower (Sold as pair) #8717 – Set of 4 pcs (8716+8718) #8718 – Upper (Sold as pair)
Wheelchair Armrest Pads
#8511 – 11″
#8514 – 14″
#8726 – Heel Protectors (sold as pair)
#8767 – Coccyx Pads (sold as pair)

Motorcycle Sheepskins

Any motorcyclist who enjoys touring will come to appreciate the benefits of using natural lambskin throughout the entire riding season. This page introduces you to some quality washable seat covers that will provide many kilometers of comfortable, relieved riding.

The motorcyclist has a choice of using a natural shaped lambskin to throw on the seat or a custom-fitted cover that form fits the seat. The Wool Table Sheepskins makes these fine quality covers using premium Australian and New Zealand washable skins. You are able to purchase them directly at our very competitive prices. Order through your Club and get a 10% group discount.
(Minimum order equivalent to six seat covers)

Motorcycle Seatcovers

Recreational Sheepskins

The wonders of wool benefit the recreational/outdoors person. These products will enhance your participation.

#3210Canoe seat pad, approx 10″w x 14″l, c/w 2 straps and velcro tabs to hold
#3612Golf bag shoulder pad, 3.75″w x 12″l
#3710Polaris single seat cover
#3715Polaris Trailmaster Deluxe seat cover
#3720Arctic Cat “Panther” style seat cover
#3725Arctic Cat “Pantera” style seat cover
#3730Bombardier Touring SLE Rotax 500 seat cover
#3735Bombardier Grand Touring snowmobile seatcover, c/w straps and screws to hold
#3740Yamaha single seat cover
#3745Yamaha DX (5001600) seat cover

Having completed your outing, protect your skin and natural fibres with the following.

#7130Woolskin®, an antibacterial & biodegradable detergent made with tea tree oil & lemon myrtle. Contains a fat-liquor to restore suppleness your sheepskin products. 500ml bottle.